NCX: A Step-by-Step Guide for Landowners
Zack Parisa
Zack Parisa
11 December, 2023 min read

Do you want to know your land’s true value?

Welcome to NCX, where your land is a canvas for purpose, prosperity, and a legacy that lasts. Our mission is to connect landowners like you to payments for the natural capital value your land provides, including timber, carbon, wildlife habitat, renewable energy, water, and more. Whether you want to build an informed land income strategy, steward your family’s land for the next generation, or simply learn about what is possible, NCX is here as your guide.

Step 1: Meet NCX

Now that you’ve found us, let’s get to know each other. For over a decade, NCX has been serving landowners across the US.  We know that your property is unique and we’re committed to helping you find the right natural capital programs for you and your land.

Explore our Learning Hub, filled with easy-to-understand information about land management, natural capital, science, and technology.

Step 2: Create Your Free Account and Get a Consultation

Take the next step towards unlocking your land’s potential: create a free account on NCX. It’s easy—simply sign up and upload your property details. In less than 5 minutes, NCX’s technology will assess your property and curate a list of opportunities that you qualify for. But that’s not all – once your account is set up, expect to be welcomed with a free consultation where an NCX representative will talk through your goals for your land and answer any questions you have.

Step 3: Discover and Compare Programs

Now that your property has been assessed, head over to the Programs page. Browse the opportunities your land is eligible for.  Compare payouts, learn program requirements, and read through the community Q&A to decide which programs are right for you..

Step 4: Connect with Program Partners

When you’ve found a program that you want to learn more about, request a call. Easily get in touch with program partners to dive deeper into program specifics, get personalized answers to your questions, negotiate terms, and decide if the program is a good fit for your management goals and needs. NCX is here to guide you through every step of the enrollment process for the programs of your choice.

Step 5: Grow Financial and Environmental Wealth

Now, let’s put your plans into action and cultivate a future where your land thrives. We’re adding programs to the marketplace every month, many of which are mutually compatible. Come back and see what new opportunities are available on NCX. 

Joining NCX connects you with a community of like-minded landowners. You’ll gain valuable insights, share experiences, and contribute to a sustainable and financially rewarding future. It’s your chance to leave a lasting legacy of land stewardship and financial resilience for the generations to follow.

Join America’s largest community of natural capitalists and discover the true value of your land today. 

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Zack Parisa

Zack Parisa

Co-Founder and CEO
Zack Parisa is the co-founder and CEO of NCX. Over the last decade, he has developed and pioneered precision forestry tools that are revolutionizing the way that forests can be measured, valued, and managed. Using satellites, cloud computing, and machine learning, NCX worked with Microsoft to create “Basemap,” the first high-resolution forest inventory of the United States. It is now using this data to build new markets for forest values beyond timber, such as carbon, wildlife habitat, and fire risk. Zack is a forester and biometrician by training. He earned an MFS from Yale University, and a BS in forestry from Mississippi State University.