America’s Forest Carbon Market

NCX connects corporations to the landowners, habitats, and communities they impact through our carbon marketplace. By drawing on our years of precision forest management, we enable net-zero pioneers to purchase carbon credits with immediate, verifiable impact and landowners to quantify the full value of their forests.

2021 Impact to Date

Together, landowners who engaged in sustainable forest management and net-zero pioneers created the largest forest carbon project in the US.

  • 2.35M Acres
  • 670 Landowners
  • 270,000 Tons of carbon offsets sold
Values Beyond Carbon
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Real Impact in the Communities You Care About

Make an impact in your own backyard. Pursue your sustainability goals by investing in the forests and communities of your choice via NCX. Thanks to our net-zero pioneers, the endangered Piney Woods of Texas and Louisiana will have a denser, more mature timber basket in 2022. It’s just one of the inspirational stories made possible by teams of carbon-smart companies and American landowners interested in sustainable forest management at NCX.

Learn how to share carbon-smart stories with your customers via your own net-zero dashboard.
Counter deforestation to support at-risk species. Scarlet tanagers establish habitat in forest canopies in the eastern US, and these songbirds are sensitive to forest fragmentation and forest cover reduction. Thanks to net-zero pioneers, larger tracts of forests are now left undisturbed, allowing tanagers to thrive in smaller habitats and dine on one of their favorite treats: paper wasps.

Learn how to share carbon-smart stories with your customers via your own net-zero dashboard.
Through NCX, landowners, carbon credit buyers, customers, and nature team up for climate action. Net-zero pioneers can target their impact in local communities, thereby reinvesting in their customers, their employees, and their land. Efforts can support rural family landowners that use their NCX income to pay property taxes, schools such as Mississippi State University, and landowners who have the ability to improve hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat.

Learn how to share carbon-smart stories with your customers via your own net-zero dashboard.
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  • Democratizing Access Communities

    To reach net-zero by 2050, we all have roles to play. At NCX, we invite all US landowners, regardless of parcel size, to enroll in our exchange for free. NCX buyers celebrate their connections with family foresters as part of their commitment to a net-zero future.

  • Basemap Science

    A carbon exchange is only as good as its data, which is why we measure every acre, of every property, every year, for every available value. Our biometricians regularly update Basemap datasets to assess habitat quality and harvest deferral strategies, on properties across the country, with unparalleled precision.

  • NCX Carbon Market

    We foster trust in our exchange through transparency and scientific know-how. With the help of NGOs, leading academics, and top-notch economists, we deliver precise valuations for our exchange, so carbon-smart companies—and up to 1.5 million US forest owners—can confidently buy and sell carbon credits for impact.


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Precision Forest Management Better Metrics for Sustainable Management Carbon Value in Every Forest
NCX uses Basemap’s high-resolution inventory of every American forest to power its carbon exchange. In-house scientists produce precise inventories of a forest’s composition and carbon potential across every single acre. 
NCX data scientists update and improve Basemap every quarter to fulfill our commitment to transparency for our carbon credit buyers and sellers. Why? Because the best measurements make the best markets. It’s how NCX drives real and immediate change in forest management. 
Precise data uncovers real value. When landowners like those in Mississippi or Oregon know the measurements of every one of their trees 1″ or more in diameter, they can better manage their forests. NCX allows thousands of landowners to benefit for the first time from the non-timber values of their properties.

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SilviaTerra Is Now NCX Formerly known as SilviaTerra, our product and our company name are now the same. The NCX name stands for natural capital exchange and connotes our bold focus on the future.

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