A conversation about forests and foresters with the CEO of SAF
Lillian Hogan
Lillian Hogan
18 November, 2022 min read

NCX was thrilled to sponsor and participate in the Society of American Foresters 2022 National Convention this summer. At NCX, we are foresters first. Many members of the NCX team have benefited greatly from and continue to engage in the Society of American Foresters (SAF) community, educational resources, and events.   

Prior to the convention, NCX CEO, Zack Parisa, had the opportunity to speak with SAF CEO, Terry Baker, about the recent attention on forests as a part of the climate solution, along with the evolution of forestry and SAF from their time as students to engaging with the organization as professionals.

At NCX, we look to SAF as partners in driving the conversation forward about forests, natural spaces, and what their impacts are globally. Terry comments that SAF and the National Convention bring foresters together to have “strategic conversations, the sharing of ideas, and respectful and professional disagreements around what’s going on with our forests and what are some of the practices that can help us continue scientifically and sustainably manage those forests.” 

These opportunities to convene, converse, challenge each other and grow as forestry leaders are essential. As Zack shares with Terry, “this is a real moment for forests and for foresters.” NCX is excited to continue supporting and working with SAF to turn this moment into momentum.

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Lillian Hogan

Lillian Hogan

Landowner Customer Success Manager
Lillian is the Customer Success Manager at NCX focused on building strong relationships with landowners and foresters to understand and advocate for their needs, ensuring their success with the company’s Natural Capital Exchange Program. She is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in agricultural economics. She currently resides in Indianapolis, IN. In her free time, you can find her outside with her dogs, tending to her garden, or at the barn riding horses.