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Maria Travaille
Maria Travaille
11 November, 2021 min read

Led by a generation of millennials, consumers are growing increasingly conscious of environmental sustainability, with 73% of global consumers saying they would change their own behaviors to reduce their environmental impact. This attention on climate raises the bar for corporate sustainability as well, presenting both an opportunity and a responsibility for brands to align with consumers on environmental values.

That’s why NCX has partnered with Patch, an API-first carbon removal marketplace. The NCX & Patch partnership combines Patch’s innovative architecture with our immediate climate impact, enabling companies to easily offset the footprint of every ecommerce customer purchase. Companies can use the API to calculate and offset the amount of carbon emissions at the checkout page of every order, increasing conversion rates and delivering immediate and verifiable climate impact. See the image below for the easy to implement steps:

Similar to how we ensure trust and transparency in the forest carbon market, Patch leads with data in their API-first platform. Patch aggregates data on carbon offset and removal projects from a variety of sources, including climate solution research organizations, project registries and the suppliers themselves, and presents it to customers in a digestible manner. This approach enables customers, regardless of their familiarity with the carbon offset market, to make informed decisions on their offset purchases. 

“NCX is an exciting member of our partner network as their data-driven approach builds trust among our customers who are in the market for high-quality forest carbon credits,” says Brennan Spellacy, CEO and co-founder of Patch. “We look forward to growing our relationship with NCX as our customers use their carbon credits for corporate offset purchases and embedded carbon offset use cases.” 

We love that Patch’s customers who buy NCX credits can be certain they are making high-quality purchases. Marketplaces like Patch are a great way for customers to see a comparison of our innovative approach to traditional forest carbon projects. 

Interested in learning more about embedding a carbon offsetting API and quality NCX carbon credits into your check out page? Send us a note at

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Maria Travaille

Maria Travaille

Carbon Account Manager
Maria is the Carbon Account Manager on the Business Development team at NCX, focused on advocating for and working with NCX carbon buyers in our forest carbon marketplace. Maria earned her MSc degree in environmental policy and regulation from the London School of Economics. While at LSE, she worked at the Grantham Research Institute for their climate adaptation and resilience team. Prior to joining NCX, Maria worked in management consulting with clients in the digital marketing and market research space.