The Best Way to Manage Your Cruising Process

Plot Hound at a Glance

Plot Hound at a Glance

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    Your All-in-One Platform
    Set up, manage, and report your timber cruises in one digital location.
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    Field Tested
    Record clean and consistent data every time.
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    Pinpoint Accuracy
    Plot Hound navigates to plots using your device’s GPS.
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    Available Now iOS Android
    Plot Hound is free to use.

In Order to Manage, Measure.

9,000 is a tidy number. But we’re saving a place for you and your forests. Map your properties in Plot Hound to start managing your lands more profitably today.
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How it works

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    Set up your cruise in the Plot Hound online platform.

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      Establish stand boundaries by uploading a file or drawing by hand.

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      Plot Hound asks for your specs, then lays out your plots and exports them to the mobile application.

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    Complete your cruise quickly and easily with the Plot Hound mobile app.

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      Navigate to each plot with your phone’s built-in GPS and compass.

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      Collect clean data with drop-down menus and instant validation.

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    View, analyze, and export your cruise results in the Plot Hound online platform.

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      Charts, graphs, and Excel exports make your data available however you want it.

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      Ongoing cruise management is simple with progress reports and plot reassignment across your team.

About Image

The Original Plot Hound

At the founding of NCX, Max and Zack worked tirelessly on what would eventually become Basemap. As it still does today, Basemap relied on ground measurements as the basis for all of its prediction and estimation processes. But back then, Zack was our cruising staff. Since he didn’t want to tally by day and input information into spreadsheets by night, Max’s background in app development was put to work creating the handy little app that would become Plot Hound.

Zoey, Zack’s dog and companion through school and NCX’s early years, went along on all those cruising trips. She made it fun, barked to warn about snakes (and oddly, turtles) and was always there to nudge Zack when it was time to step away from the computer and take some time in the woods. She also happened to be a Plott Hound. So as the cruising app made its way into the hands of foresters across the country, it became clear the only name that made sense was “Plot Hound,” in honor of Zoey. A handy app for cruising named after a handy little cruising companion.
Dig Deeper on Plot hound
  • Is there a fee to use Plot Hound?

    The Plot Hound application is 100% free to use.

  • Is there support available for Plot Hound?

    Currently we do not offer email or phone support for Plot Hound.

  • Which mobile devices are supported by the Plot Hound app?

    The Plot Hound application is available for both iOS and Android, and can be used on any device running those operating systems.

  • Do I need to use both the online platform and the mobile application for Plot Hound to work?

    The two products are designed to work together. However, it is possible to set up your cruise using the online application, and then collect cruise data using a third-party application and/or hardware. (For our experienced users, the Plot Hound web application used to be called ‘Canopy’.)

  • Is Plot Hound effective without cell service?

    Yes, Plot Hound will work without a cell signal or data connection. However, to initially download your cruises, upload cruise data, or load map imagery, you will need a data or WiFi connection. You’ll want to do these things before heading out to any areas with poor or no coverage. Best practice is to upload cruise data at least once per day.

  • Which measurement units, species, and products are supported? Can I customize?

    Measurement units include feet for heights and product lengths and inches for diameters. Products are defined in the Plot Hound web application. The list of species cannot be edited, but note that while only the 25 most common species are listed in the ‘Common’ portion of the drop-down list, the ‘All’ portion has the rest.

  • I don’t want my data to be shared. What’s your data privacy policy?

    Your data belongs to you. It will only ever be used to perform the analysis and generate the reports that you authorize.