Natural Capital Exchange

The Data-Driven Forest Carbon Exchange

Measuring Every Acre to Create
a Marketplace for Change

We are a forest carbon marketplace, reimagined. A market built by foresters, technologists, scientists and economists, made to work for every landowner. By tapping into remote-sensing, AI, and our robust forest dataset, the NCX forest carbon marketplace opens participation to forests that were previously left out of the climate solution. Our data-driven approach eliminates burdensome setup costs for landowners and delivers verified carbon credits for net-zero leaders.

Certification 2.0


NCX is working with scientific advisors, academics, and other stakeholders on certification of our credits.

Science, speed, and scale are at the core of the Natural Capital Exchange. Just as we have improved quality in forest carbon programs, we are also working to evolve certification. Our certification will use an evidence based system and issue credits only after impact has been realized on the landscape.

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For Short-Term Harvest Deferral
The Natural Capital Exchange approach is based on science from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), timber economics, and cutting-edge statistical models. Our methodology increases certainty for buyers and sellers. Through short-term harvest deferrals, landowners and managers get paid to reduce harvest activity and thereby grow older and more carbon-rich forests. This method produces the climate impact we need today—not the impact that may happen someday, maybe.

See how carbon credits are generated from harvest deferral
  • 01 Quality and Real Impact at Scale
    Remote sensing-assisted inventory methods ensure the quality – and reduce the costs – of verification and monitoring of forests. With this method, forests of all sizes can participate in forest carbon markets. NCX partners with small landowners, TIMOs, REITs, consulting foresters, and universities to ensure no forest is left out of the climate solution.
  • 02 Delivering Verifiable Results
    The use of a tonne-year accounting method enables greater landowner participation while allowing NCX to credit upon delivery of impact. Measurements done at the start and at the end of an enrollment year verify the intended climate impact occurred. When combined with our acre-by-acre assessment for accurate baselines, this approach increases certainty for buyers and sellers. We believe this year-by-year method is key to unlocking scale and quality, that’s why we are working with stakeholders to certify the approach.
  • 03 Collaboration for Innovation
    We are leading the conversation on forest carbon to ensure its potential to drive real, lasting climate impact is fully realized. Our relentless focus on evolving our datasets, accuracy of our baseline estimates, and advancement of methodologies with third-party verifiers is helping companies to achieve their net-zero goals with the reassurance of unmatched quality standards.

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The Carbon Markets: Legacy VS. NCX

Legacy Forest Carbon Project
1-year payment on delivery contracts bundled for equivalent climate impact to 1-ton stored over 100 years.
Decades-long contracts vulnerable to reversibility (i.e., fire)
Targeted acre by acre baselines
Coarse regional measurements produce approximate baselines
Leakage is minimized by increasing market access to all landowners, not just the largest. In addition, property leakage is addressed through enrollment of all the acres of a property and a deduction factor is applied based upon regional statistics.
Standard leakage deduction factor
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How NCX Works

How do I participate?

Carbon Buyers

4 Simple Steps

  • 01 Registration

    The landowner creates an NCX account and receives a property assessment. Carbon credit buyers work with an NCX sales rep to define their offset goals.

  • 02 Enrollment

    NCX assesses a landowner’s property for carbon sequestration potential. Landowners enroll their properties. Companies confirm their commitments.

  • 03 Fulfillment

    NCX matches landowners and net-zero leaders. Baseline measurements are taken of every acre of property. During the contracted year, landowners defer timber harvests.

  • 04 Payment

    Harvest deferral is verified with satellite imagery and ground measurements by NCX staff and third-party verifiers. Payment is issued to landowners and carbon credits are delivered to net-zero leaders.


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Precision Forest Management Better Metrics for Sustainable Management Carbon Value in Every Forest
NCX uses Basemap’s high-resolution inventory of every American forest to power its carbon exchange. In-house scientists produce precise inventories of a forest’s composition and carbon potential across every single acre. 
NCX data scientists update and improve Basemap every quarter to fulfill our commitment to transparency for our carbon credit buyers and sellers. Why? Because the best measurements make the best markets. It’s how NCX drives real and immediate change in forest management. 
Precise data uncovers real value. When landowners like those in Mississippi or Oregon know the measurements of every one of their trees 1″ or more in diameter, they can better manage their forests. NCX allows thousands of landowners to benefit for the first time from the non-timber values of their properties.

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Landowners can sign-up and request an assessment of their carbon potential at any time. Register for free and learn more about participating in the next cycle of our forest carbon exchange.

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