Welcoming Max and Zach!
Max Nova
Max Nova
1 June, 2021 min read

NCX is growing and our team has just expanded with two additional members  – Max Joseph and Zach Smith!

Max Joseph has joined the Data Science team as a Data Scientist – Statistical Modeler, bringing expertise in Bayesian modeling, remote sensing, and large-scale earth and environmental science. Max’s passion is translating real world problems into principled statistical models. With the rest of the Data Science team, he will be advancing our work on forest carbon estimation by using models to link satellite observations with ground-based forest inventories.

Previously a research data scientist at Earth Lab, Max has honed his quantitative skills on a wide range of problems including wildlife population dynamics, wildfire, natural hazards, zoonotic disease, and species distribution modeling. Max’s research background has taken him all the way from hardcore field work in remote mountains to complex computational data science research. This end-to-end perspective allows him to connect the dots between boots-on-the-ground inventory data and remotely sensed satellite observations. His experience in both statistics and machine learning will prove invaluable as NCX scales its work to new geographies and continues to prioritize predictive uncertainty to build trust.

Max holds a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado Boulder, and a BS in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology from the University of California Davis. He is currently based in Denver, Colorado.

Zach Smith has joined the team as a Data Scientist. Zach loves all things algorithmic, probabilistic, and environmental. He holds a Bachelor’s in Earth Science and a Master’s in Statistics, allowing him to think about those things all day. Before joining NCX he worked in fields such as hydrology, synthetic biology, and defense, building models to capture the unseen complexity in the world. He is excited to be able to apply his experience with deep learning and probabilistic models to enhance our understanding of the natural world and to help improve it for future generations.

When he isn’t thinking about math or computers you can probably find him in his ever expanding garden along with a goat or two, a rotating cast of poultry, bees, and wife and kids.

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Max Nova

Max Nova

Co-Founder and COO
Max Nova co-founded NCX over a decade ago. He built many of the Natural Capital Exchange's core technical systems that power the largest forest carbon projects in the US. Now Max serves as the COO of NCX and helps connect American forest owners with net-zero pioneers like Microsoft. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Max earned a degree in computer science from Yale.