Welcoming Joe and Pete!
Max Nova
Max Nova
15 June, 2021 min read

NCX is growing and our team has just expanded with two additional members  – Joe Shannon and Pete Gossens!

Joe Shannon has joined the Data Science team at NCX to expand and improve our estimates of harvest risk to standing carbon. He’ll be focused on predicting ‘business as usual’ management decisions for landowners in the absence of the Natural Capital Exchange. Understanding harvest risk and business-as-usual management ensures that NCX carbon represents additional carbon, above and beyond what would be stored without payment.

For the last ten years Joe has been researching the impact of invasive species on forests. He was part of a group studying how Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) changes black ash wetlands throughout North America. Most recently he has been expanding on previous research to scale EAB impacts into regional responses and understand the interactions of EAB and climate change in these wetlands. Joining NCX brings Joe back to his start in forest management when he used to implement silvicultural treatments though on-the-ground timber sale preparation in New Hampshire and Maine. He currently lives in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula where he enjoys the natural beauty though biking, cross-country skiing, and canoeing with his family.

Pete Gossens has joined the team as an account executive. Prior to joining NCX he spent the last 7 years in enterprise tech sales at companies like New Relic and Invision. He graduated from University of Vermont with BA’s in Environmental studies and Political Science. During his time at UVM he focused on renewable fuel sources, food systems, and closed loop agricultural practices. He’s excited to apply his experience in enterprise sales and passion for the environment to help large organizations meet their sustainability commitments.

When he’s not working he can be found in and around Portland, Oregon riding his splitboard, running on trails, and hiking around with his fiancee Sophie and dog Rocky.

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Max Nova

Max Nova

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Max Nova co-founded NCX over a decade ago. He built many of the Natural Capital Exchange's core technical systems that power the largest forest carbon projects in the US. Now Max serves as the COO of NCX and helps connect American forest owners with net-zero pioneers like Microsoft. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Max earned a degree in computer science from Yale.