Visualizing Climate Action Through Maps: NCX and Mapbox
Maria Travaille
Maria Travaille
28 April, 2022 min read

Climate action, carbon markets and voluntary carbon credits can be overwhelming and confusing to understand. One key part of NCX’s mission to connect net-zero leaders with American landowners is to ensure companies, stakeholders and landowners can understand, share, and visualize their climate impact in a clear and easy to understand way. We are proud to partner with Mapbox to fulfill this goal in many parts of our business – explore our journey below! 

Mapbox has been carbon neutral for 6 years and counting. NCX was included in Mapbox’s carbon credit purchase to offset their 2019 and 2020 emissions as part of their commitment to carbon forestry initiatives. Learn more about their purchase and why they chose NCX, and check out a summary of their involvement in the Natural Capital Exchange.

On the NCX Landowner Platform, we use Mapbox GL JS map and satellite base imagery for landowners to enter their property boundaries, so we can give them a property assessment of how much carbon is at risk on their land. This gives interested landowners a familiar interface to drag and zoom to locate their property – relying on mapbox-gl-draw to draw property boundaries on the map.

The NCX Impact Dashboard features Mapbox maps on Supported Forest, Habitat, and Landowners pages. The layers appearing on the maps were styled using Mapbox Studio – our team leveraged the Mapbox GL JS API to dynamically hide/show layers and move to specific geographic locations to best tell our story.

NCX has now run four commercial cycles of our carbon exchange, with the program built on the success of a 2019 pilot in Pennsylvania that resulted in over 6,800 tons of carbon sequestered. NCX’s visualization of this pilot was derived from Mapbox’s Interactive Storytelling Template – check out more information from Mapbox on this tool.

Follow along with Mapbox’s sustainability journey – and if you are interested in hearing more about about Mapbox’s impact through NCX carbon credits download the case study.

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Maria Travaille

Maria Travaille

Carbon Account Manager
Maria is the Carbon Account Manager on the Business Development team at NCX, focused on advocating for and working with NCX carbon buyers in our forest carbon marketplace. Maria earned her MSc degree in environmental policy and regulation from the London School of Economics. While at LSE, she worked at the Grantham Research Institute for their climate adaptation and resilience team. Prior to joining NCX, Maria worked in management consulting with clients in the digital marketing and market research space.