The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Profile SilviaTerra’s NCAPX
Max Nova
Max Nova
29 April, 2021 min read

Simply put in The Wall Street Journal, Natural Capital Exchange is creating “a new way for southern pine growers to get paid for their timber: Leave it standing.” When Ryan Dezember of WSJ featured SilviaTerra’s forest carbon market, NCAPX, he boiled it down to why all this really matters, “The idea is that the longer the timber stands, the more carbon the trees can sponge from the atmosphere before becoming two-by-fours and telephone poles.”

Then Matt Levine followed that up in Bloomberg with “You Can Sell the Trees You Don’t Cut.” After we all picked ourselves off the floor from what was nothing short of a dizzying week of media coverage, we took a moment to appreciate the clarity that both of these journalists brought to how we speak about the Natural Capital Exchange.

“One coordination method — one way to reduce transaction costs and make deals more likely — is built into SilviaTerra’s auction platform. The other coordination method is the public company, combined with the ideas of socially responsible and environmental, social and governance investing, which make big public companies somewhat efficient aggregators of public preferences. If it’s good for everyone not to cut down trees, companies like Microsoft — and their institutional shareholders — somehow become a lens to focus that public benefit. What’s good for the world is what’s good for Microsoft, sort of, a little. In modern markets, public companies have self-interested incentives to seek the greater good, and they are big enough to have an impact.”

In addition to insightful descriptions from journalists, small landowners like Keith McDaniel shared why they chose to participate in the Natural Capital Exchange, “It was a no-brainer,” he said. “Every year they grow they’re putting on volume.”

Big landowners like Molpus Woodlands Group LLC and buyers such as Microsoft and South Pole also spoke about their participation.

“These projects are actually the crown jewels of our overall program. Yes, we have major commitments to carbon reduction, but we also have this, frankly because we’re in planetary crisis now. We have to kick-start the carbon-removal market.” – Elizabeth Willmott, of Microsoft

Thanks to our buyers and sellers who spoke to these major publications about the Natural Capital Exchange. It made for a monumental Earth Week for everyone here at SilviaTerra.

Read the full WSJ piece here or the Bloomberg article here.

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Max Nova

Max Nova

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