Plot Hound is turning 6, and we’re celebrating with a brand new version!
Mike Holkesvik
Mike Holkesvik
18 May, 2017 min read

For the last six years, SilviaTerra has been striving to build the best possible mobile cruising experience. Our 100% free Plot Hound application has been put to use in plots across the country (and the world!), with continuous improvement that has only been possible thanks to the feedback and suggestions from the thousands of cruisers who have used Plot Hound.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ll soon be making Plot Hound ever better with a major new release. Version 6.0 will be out this summer, and it’s packed with new features. The biggest change is custom data types and validation. This means you’ll have the ability to go beyond a few generic data entry fields, increasing flexibility and reliability of your data. We know every cruise is different, and now that Plot Hound is being used all over the world it’s more important than ever that we can tailor the cruising experience to you.


Want to use the new Plot Hound on an upcoming cruise? Feel free to reach out to us at We’re now officially opening the version 6 beta signup – for both Android and iPhone.

New to Plot Hound? Find out more at

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Mike Holkesvik

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