Our NCAPX Impact Dashboard is Live!
Riaz Jahangir
Riaz Jahangir
6 May, 2021 min read

Customers of NCAPX can now see the impact of their purchase visualized on our NCAPX dashboard! The dashboard tells the story of participants’ climate impact, the impacted wildlife habitat of multiple species, and the backgrounds of landowners supported by their carbon credits.

The creation of the dashboard was a collaborative effort by our engineering, data science, sales, and marketing teams. Data from Basemap powers the interactive platform that communicates climate, wildlife, and community impact from NCAPX carbon credits. The available credits are made possible by the landowners who enrolled their land in NCAPX in our inaugural cycle, including 93 private families.

This project was also a collaboration with makepath, a spatial data science company that focuses on Open Source GIS.

The Impact of participation

The dashboard showcases a map of all of the land across the U.S. South enrolled in our inaugural cycle of NCAPX. Map colors reveal the amount of carbon on the landscape, darker colors correlating with less carbon and lighter colors with more.

In total, the inaugural NCAPX cycle covered an area of 734,341 forested acres in the southeastern U.S. and produced 130k of carbon credits. Pine trees were the dominant species of this cycle, and we are expanding with the inclusion of hardwood trees in our future cycles.

The Total Standing Volume, or the total carbon stored across the landscape, is visible from March 2021 until February 2022 within the dashboard. Viewers can see how this value increases as forests continue to stand instead of being harvested.

Habitat Quality

The habitat quality of animal species is one of the features Basemap allows us to measure. We chose to highlight habitats of three important species: the White-tailed deer, Red-cockaded Woodpecker, and the Scarlet Tanager. With Basemap, we are able to model a scale of habitat quality, identifying high-quality habitat as well as “healthy” areas determined to be medium-quality or better.


Landowners are the heart of the NCAPX program. This cycle we share the story of the McDaniel family from Mississippi. Their tree farm has been in business since the 1970s, beginning as a small 30 acre plot.

“The land to me it means not only a way of income for the family but more so than just a refuge from the hectic world. What attracted me to NCAPX was the simplicity of it…but also as a citizen of the world, that we’re helping companies become net zero.” – Keith McDaniel

What’s Next

In our next enrollment cycle, buyers who purchase 1,000 tons or more will gain access to the impact dashboard for that cycle’s cohort. They will also receive a personalized impact dashboard that shows their unique climate impact if they purchase 20,000 tons or more.

Click here to view the dashboard and see the impact of the largest forest carbon project by acreage in the United States.

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Riaz Jahangir

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