NCX Fall 2022 Cycle: Connecting Landowners With Local Carbon Buyers
Loren Myers
Loren Myers
17 November, 2022 min read

Throughout September and October, NCX matched sellers and carbon buyers for its Fall 2022 cycle. With this new cohort of participants, over 4,400 landowners with more than 5.4 million acres have enrolled in the Natural Capital Exchange since Spring of 2021. The Fall 2022 cycle is projected to sequester nearly 140,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

Landowners have always been the backbone of the NCX program and based on their feedback and our learnings from the past year operating, we decided to introduce a new selling process during the Fall 2022 cycle. This cycle was the first time landowners could see the prices other landowners submitted for their carbon and could adjust their own prices any time they wished — delivering increased transparency and flexibility to the market.

Overall, 22% of the landowners who wished to sell their carbon with NCX were able to do so, enrolling more than 234,000 acres of forestland. The states with the highest landowner participation in Fall 2022 were Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, respectively.   

Among the carbon credit buyers who participated in this cycle were two companies excited to make a local impact by supporting landowners in their communities. Incyte, a global biopharmaceutical company, made an investment in the NCX carbon credits that connected it to landowners, habitats, and communities across Pennsylvania. 

Tom’s grandson shows off an acorn while exploring their family’s forest.

Tom P., a landowner in the Fall 2022 cycle whose credits were supported by Incyte, shared “I feel fortunate to have timber in an area that is of special interest to a carbon credit buyer. For me, the ownership of timberland is not just a pleasure, but also a significant responsibility. I want to practice the best possible stewardship of whatever I have. That means that I must use my resources (land, money, skills, time) in the manner that is most beneficial, not just to me, but to our planet and all those, including animals, who share this planet with me.” Read more about Incyte’s impact.

NCX also partnered with Grandma’s Marathon this cycle to offer their race participants the choice to offset travel emissions. Grandma’s Marathon is an iconic race held in Duluth, Minnesota, dating back to 1977. Their carbon credit purchase supports local landowners across Minnesota to grow forests longer. Learn more about Grandma’s Marathon’s environmentally and socially responsible practices.   

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NCX was thrilled to connect landowners across the contiguous US with companies that want to support their local communities in the Fall 2022 cycle. To view participating acres on the Natural Capital Exchange by state and read stories from the landowners who are helping to realize nature-positive climate benefits, view the Carbon Credits Map

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Loren Myers

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