NCX Data Scientist, Joe Shannon, Earns PhD in Forest Science
Dr. Nan Pond
Dr. Nan Pond
8 December, 2021 min read

Join us in celebrating the newly-minted Dr. Joe Shannon! Joe Shannon is one of the data scientists here at NCX and he just completed his PhD. His work focuses on our ‘business as usual’ calculations that determine additionality – the real impact of our forest carbon projects. When you enroll your property with NCX, Joe’s hard work has made it possible for you to get information about credits on your property and to participate in our cycles.

We were thrilled to have Joe join the team this past May. As soon as he started, he dove into understanding and improving our estimates of forest harvesting behavior across the United States. His contributions have been invaluable!

Meanwhile, he was also using his free moments to finish his PhD in forest science at Michigan Technological University. Joe’s ability to pivot from the research and engagement required to excel at his NCX data science work to the scientific research he was doing on entirely different topics for his PhD was impressive. Successfully completing that portfolio of work is a huge accomplishment.

Last week, Joe successfully defended his PhD dissertation. His research modeling and mapping black ash wetlands across the Upper Midwest also included detailed projections of the impact of invasive emerald ash borer and a changing climate on these unique wetland systems. Joe’s work provides a foundation for land managers to understand how to anticipate changes to black ash wetland systems as a result of both of these big influences.

Joe also explored novel ways to account for sensitivities in the measurement of water and air temperature. As he was completing his dissertation, Joe’s commitment to excellence and accuracy led him to conduct a series of controlled temperature-shift experiments on his instruments in his basement and backyard – a demonstration of the integrity and focus on the quality of his work that we also see every day in his work at NCX.

During his defense, which he conducted both in-person and via Zoom, many members of the NCX team were excited to listen to him describing the work he’s done over the last few years. We’re beyond delighted to be working with him. Congratulations, Joe!

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Dr. Nan Pond

Dr. Nan Pond

Director of Certification
Dr. Nan Pond serves as the Director of Certification at NCX. She is responsible for ensuring that our natural capital products reflect the highest quality science as we hone our existing methods and expand into new credit types and new geographies. She is the recipient of the 2020 SAF Young Forester Leadership Award and has held multiple leadership roles within the Society of American Foresters. Dr. Pond earned a PhD in forest biometrics from Michigan Technological University and a Bachelor of Science in forest ecosystem science from SUNY ESF.