“Story Map” Visualization of NCAPX
Max Nova
Max Nova
1 September, 2020 min read

We’re excited to launch an interactive “story map” that shows how SilviaTerra’s Natural Capital Exchange (NCX) efficiently increases the amount of carbon across the landscape over time.  Check it out below:

Every acre of forest is unique. The story map shows how SilviaTerra’s high-resolution Basemap forest data enables the acre-level assessment of forest economics.

Effective climate finance depends on having the right data.  To learn more about forest carbon economics, read our white paper:

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Max Nova

Max Nova

Co-Founder and COO
Max Nova co-founded NCX over a decade ago. He built many of the Natural Capital Exchange's core technical systems that power the largest forest carbon projects in the US. Now Max serves as the COO of NCX and helps connect American forest owners with net-zero pioneers like Microsoft. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Max earned a degree in computer science from Yale.