NCAPX Landowner platform is now open for early access!
Alex Macintosh
Alex Macintosh
15 January, 2021 min read

Forest landowners in the Southeast US can now register and enroll for our upcoming forest carbon exchange by visiting Buyers interested in purchasing forest carbon credits can email us here.

We are excited to announce that following the close of our $4.4M seed funding round, our Natural Capital Exchange (NCAPX) platform is now available for interested landowners! Eligible landowners in the Southeast US can now enroll in our first forest carbon exchange.

SilviaTerra is leading the charge on democratizing access to forest carbon markets by empowering all landowners to enroll and request an assessment of eligible carbon on their property. The primary elements of NCAPX that make this possible are one-year harvest deferral contracts to landowners, with no upfront costs, no property size minimums, and payment upon delivery.

NCAPX Landowner Platform details:

After a successful trial program in Pennsylvania with the support of Microsoft, we are excited to be expanding to more regions this year. Our first forest carbon exchange is taking place in early March 2021 and includes landowners with pine-dominated forests in the following 11 states:  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

If you are a landowner in one of these states and are interested in participating, please visit and begin the enrollment process. You will be able to submit your property information and request an assessment of the eligible carbon on your landscape. The first assessments will be sent back to landowners at the end of January. At this time, landowners will receive a report that details the amount of carbon that you can be paid for via NCAPX and the corresponding amount of harvest that would need to be deferred.

Harvest deferral bids will be matched with buyers in mid-March, and the 1-year deferral period for your property will begin on April 1.

NCAPX Landowner Platform: Use our landowner platform to submit your properties by drawing the boundary yourself or by submitting a KML file or shapefile. Once you’ve added all of your property, you will be able to request an assessment of eligible carbon volume on your landscape.

Later this year, all states in the contiguous United States and all forest types will be able to participate. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on all of our 2021 landowner bid cycles!

Corporate buyers interested in purchasing carbon credits can contact SilviaTerra here.

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Alex Macintosh

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