Building climate positive customer experiences: Lune and NCX
Maria Travaille
Maria Travaille
22 February, 2022 min read

We are excited to highlight a fantastic channel partner of ours, Lune. Lune’s mission is to make every product and service climate positive by default, and is committed to leading companies and businesses through this transition. 

I had a chance to catch up with Lune co-founder and CEO, Erik Stadigh, to reflect on our partnership, current trends in the climate space, and his vision for the future. 

Erik, tell us more about how Lune is helping to make products and services climate positive by default.

By now it’s obvious that consumers want climate-friendly products and services. It’s great to see businesses wake up to this and prioritise climate impact. However, the status quo today is to create a sustainability report which is then hidden away on a website, and no one ever reads it. It’s a massive missed opportunity to connect consumers with the values they’re looking for. 

We partner with carbon removal project developers, such as NCX, and offer a software solution that makes it easy for companies to integrate climate impact into their customer experience. A company’s existing product or service can automatically neutralise carbon emissions or contribute to removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

The end result is that these businesses are not only having a measurably positive impact on the planet but also increasing customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer loyalty. Going forward, climate impact will no longer be a cost centre for businesses but a revenue driver.

What inspired you to create Lune?

On a personal level, I want my future kids to grow up in a world that even remotely resembles the amazing planet we’ve all had the luxury of growing up on. So I want to do everything I can to make steps towards that future.

Change will be driven by businesses and I spent a lot of time looking at B2B sustainability solutions in the market. They all seemed very manual, unscalable and were rarely visible to the end consumers.

At Lune, we’re convinced that to make a real dent, climate impact needs to be fully automated and part of everything we do. Much like “software” is a part of everything we do today; in the future, positive climate impact will be a part of everything we do. This vision will be powered by Lune.

Lune has now participated in two of NCX’s commercial cycles. What about NCX makes us a good fit for Lune?

We love NCX’s approach. Firstly, a major challenge in the offset markets is measuring and proving the carbon benefits of a project. NCX’s measurement methodology is really innovative – leveraging sensors and huge amounts of data to increase confidence in the impact. Secondly, we need significantly more high-quality offset supply. By making it easy for landowners to participate in the carbon markets, NCX is accelerating supply growth.

At Lune, we strive to partner with the most innovative carbon project developers and NCX definitely fits the bill! It’s been a pleasure working together so far and we plan to continue building a long term partnership. 

What is top of mind when companies are thinking about what removals and offsets to use to make their products and services climate positive? 

Everyone is terrified of greenwashing allegations and wants to make sure they get things right. This of course includes many different things such as carbon project quality, how carbon offsetting/removal fits into a broader long-term strategy and how to communicate it safely and transparently. At Lune, we support our customers through this process – including bringing your community along for your climate journey – we don’t stop at the “offsetting” part.

What kinds of companies are you seeing opting to be climate positive by default? What industries is Lune working with?

Today, we are primarily focused on supporting forward-thinking payments innovators and climate-conscious retail companies. However, our customers also span banking, fintech, logistics, carbon accounting and consulting. If someone reading this is interested in learning more about how integrating climate impact into their customer experience can help them accelerate growth while having a positive impact, get in touch!

We can’t wait for another great year with Lune as we continue to fight climate change together in this critical decade. If you are interested in hearing more about NCX and the work we do, visit our carbon buyers page or send me a message at

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Maria Travaille

Maria Travaille

Carbon Account Manager
Maria is the Carbon Account Manager on the Business Development team at NCX, focused on advocating for and working with NCX carbon buyers in our forest carbon marketplace. Maria earned her MSc degree in environmental policy and regulation from the London School of Economics. While at LSE, she worked at the Grantham Research Institute for their climate adaptation and resilience team. Prior to joining NCX, Maria worked in management consulting with clients in the digital marketing and market research space.