Big News for Us, Bigger News for the Planet
Zack Parisa
Zack Parisa
3 February, 2021 min read

We are thrilled to announce the first major carbon buyer on our newly launched NCAPX marketplace.

It has been a big start to 2021 for SilviaTerra! Our Natural Capital Exchange (NCAPX) landowner platform is now open; forest landowners in the Southeast U.S. can now register and enroll. Also this month, we announced that we closed a $4.4M seed financing round co-led by Union Square Ventures and Version One Ventures, joined by other funds and private investors.

And now Microsoft is on board, as our first major announced carbon buyer on NCAPX with a purchase of 200,000 metric tons of carbon removal.

The Proof is in the Pilot

In 2019, Microsoft helped us take the first major step in advancing NCAPX from concept to reality by funding an ambitious pilot program in Western Pennsylvania. We secured small landowners’ participation in the program and they noted it as easy to understand both the project setup and the results.

In the end, more than 20 Western Pennsylvania landowners chose to defer timber harvests and originate forest carbon credits through NCAPX–from small family forest owners to large commercial forest managers. As a result, 6,861 tons of CO2e were removed from the atmosphere.

This successful, rigorously conducted pilot was the proof we needed that our data-driven market design could fundamentally change forest carbon markets. By combining empirical tools to measure and monitor natural capital with financial tools to pay for change on the landscape (wildlife, biodiversity, fire risk, etc.) we can verify that the benefits are real, immediate, scalable, and efficient.

“SilviaTerra’s NCAPX project will play a valuable role in helping Microsoft remove carbon from the atmosphere, and we look forward to seeing it make carbon market participation more accessible to landowners of all sizes.”
–Elizabeth Willmott, Carbon Program Manager, Microsoft

The Most Effective Way to Source Carbon Credits

U.S. Forests, colors represent tree species

NCAPX is the first marketplace to unlock the full carbon potential of American forests by enabling every landowner and every acre of forest to be part of the climate solution.

By empowering small forest owners to participate as well as large, we make it possible for organizations to meet their carbon goals in more targeted and efficient ways.

Landowners benefit…

  • Every landowner can participate. Traditional forest carbon marketplaces have minimum acre requirements. NCAPX enables small and medium-sized family forest owners to take part as well.
  • No enrollment fees. Other forest carbon marketplaces have high enrollment costs for landowners. NCAPX has no enrollment fees.
  • Short, one-year terms. Other forest carbon marketplaces ask landowners to commit to 100-year terms, a huge obstacle for financially-conscious landowners. SilviaTerra is working on an approach to convert these one-year terms into an accounting model that appropriately values the immediacy of carbon removal against the shorter contract terms.

Carbon buyers benefit…

  • High Quality, Large Volume. Because of the scope and quality of our marketplace, we have the potential to scale without losing the integrity of the carbon credits.
  • Opportunity to create local impact. Since we have data on the entire U.S. forest landscape, buyers can target their carbon purchases geographically.
  • Unprecedented transparency. Our scalable supply of quality forest carbon credits is fully transparent–for every acre, every year. This enables us to help organizations confidently meet their net-zero and sustainability goals.

The Path to Full Participation

We will be expanding to additional regions throughout the year. Our first forest carbon exchange is taking place April 1st, 2021 and includes landowners with pine-dominated forests in the following 11 states:  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

If you’re interested in the NCAPX program, reach out to us today.

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Zack Parisa

Zack Parisa

Co-Founder and CEO
Zack Parisa is the co-founder and CEO of NCX. Over the last decade, he has developed and pioneered precision forestry tools that are revolutionizing the way that forests can be measured, valued, and managed. Using satellites, cloud computing, and machine learning, NCX worked with Microsoft to create “Basemap,” the first high-resolution forest inventory of the United States. It is now using this data to build new markets for forest values beyond timber, such as carbon, wildlife habitat, and fire risk. Zack is a forester and biometrician by training. He earned an MFS from Yale University, and a BS in forestry from Mississippi State University.