Measuring Every Acre in America

Basemap is the foundation of the Natural Capital Exchange (NCX). This dataset provides acre-level intelligence about forests, soils, and infrastructure networks across the continental United States.

By combining Basemap with the eligibility requirements of hundreds of natural capital programs, NCX helps connect landowners with the right programs for them and their land.

United States of America

Data-Driven Decisions

For over a decade, landowners and foresters across the US have trusted NCX’s technology to inform their forest management. NCX’s deep expertise in forest measurement and economics can help landowners understand the costs and benefits of the different programs they are eligible for.

Southern United States of America

Every Acre is Unique

Tree age and species can vary significantly from acre to acre. Basemap uses high resolution satellite imagery, climate and biogeography data, field measurements, expert knowledge of forest structure and stand dynamics to evaluate every single acre of forest in the continental US.

Mississippi, United States of America

Become a Natural Capitalist

It can be hard to navigate the hundreds of natural capital programs out there, and more are springing up all the time. NCX can help you understand the tradeoffs for your unique property and find the right program for you and your land.

If you are a project developer looking to connect with landowners who would be a good fit for your programs, please contact us below.

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