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To Go Net Zero, Think Globally
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NCX creates a neighbor-to-neighbor climate solution by connecting companies to landowners in their backyards. Purchase carbon credits through NCX to support American landowners, improve wildlife habitats, and strengthen treasured forests.

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The Impact in Pennsylvania

In 2019, we partnered with Microsoft on a pilot to invite Pennsylvania landowners, long excluded from carbon markets, to participate in our exchange. Since the launch of the NCX pilot we’ve scaled across the entire contiguous US.

The Natural Capital Exchange Model

Certification & Methodology
The Natural Capital Exchange approach is based on IPCC science, timber economics, and cutting-edge statistical models. Our methodology increases certainty for buyers and sellers and pays for the climate impact we need today—not the impact that may happen someday, maybe.
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Impact To Date

Democratizing access to carbon markets by measuring every value, on every acre, for every landowner, every year.

  • 5.4M Acres
  • 4,400 Landowners and counting
  • 37 States with enrolled landowners

NCX for Buyers

Verified carbon credits for companies committed to investing in local communities, channel partners seeking quality offsets, and multinationals pursuing net-zero goals.

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4 Simple Steps

  • 01 Submit Bid or Buy Now

    Carbon buyers reach out to clarify procurement needs and ask questions before submitting their bid, or buy now for purchases under 1,000 metric tons.

  • 02 Assessment

    We assess each property’s capacity for carbon sequestration and risk of harvest.

  • 03 Fulfillment

    NCX runs a weekly event to match supply and demand. Landowners defer harvest for 1-year, beginning each quarter.

  • 04 Delivery

    Third-party verified carbon credits delivered to buyers.

Values Beyond Carbon

Co-Benefits Quantified

  • Canada lynx
    • Acres of habitat: 14,000
    • Habitat quality score: 30%

    Your participation supports wildlife that call forests home, such as the Canada lynx. Lynx occur almost exclusively in boreal forests where their main prey, the snowshoe hare, is abundant.

    Historically, Canada lynx ranged across much of the northern United States. Today, populations are present in Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Washington, and Colorado. While trapping was responsible for the species’ historical decline, today climate change and habitat destruction represent its greatest threats.

    By protecting forestland within the lynx’s core range, NCX is helping to maintain and expand crucial habitat for this mysterious and beautiful animal.

  • The McDaniel Family
    • Location of property: Mississippi
    • Acres in NCX: 1,280

    The McDaniel family has been in the forestry business since the 1970s.They decided to enroll with NCX for two reasons: to team up with net-zero leaders, and to better preserve the wooded sections of their property.

    Their forest provides a refuge from the hassles of everyday life. Via harvest deferral, our exchange also allows them to preserve wildlife habitat for their fellow creatures of the forest, including white-tailed deer.

  • Alabama Forests
    • Tons of carbon offsets sold: 35,808
    • Private foresters with < 400 acres: 50%

    Alabama is home to long leaf pine, tulip poplar, and bald cypress trees—as well as foresters eager to team up with net-zero leaders.

    For this fulfillment, NCX inked agreements with three timber investment management organizations, two dozen private landowners, and one municipal forester. Landowners from ten states joined NCX for our inaugural fulfillment cycle. The harvest deferrals by landowners and foresters in AL, constitute more than 25% of the carbon offsets secured.

Sustainability Leaders Survey

Charting the Path: Sustainability Leaders Survey

Learn how leaders in sustainability are managing their budgets, priorities, expectations about carbon credit pricing, and more in their effort to address climate change.

Check out “Charting the Path: A survey of 250 sustainability leaders’ priorities” to gain insight into the thoughts of decision-makers in the space and tips on how to reach your sustainability goals.

Dig Deeper On NCX
  • Who can buy NCX carbon credits?

    Wholesale buyers of any type—businesses, NGOs, credit brokers—can make NCX orders.

  • What is an NCX carbon credit?

    A rigorous, science-backed claim of environmental and climate benefit equivalent to the permanent removal from, or reduced emission to, the atmosphere of one (1) metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e).

  • Who verifies the legitimacy of the NCX methodology?

    NCX is working with our scientific advisors and other stakeholders on the next evolution of certification with a focus on transparency and third-party verification.

  • How deep of a market is NCX? How much volume is available for purchase?

    Private forest landowners in the US are capable of delivering millions of tons of high-quality carbon credits to the NCX market each year.

  • What’s my next step if I want to participate?

    Get in touch with us via our contact form and our team will share more about the process and our upcoming enrollment cycle.